About us

World Jam Global is an internet radio based in London with dj’s from around the world with the sole purpose of promoting good Reggae, R&B, Soca, House and other genres of music in a global format which music should always portray.

This is one of the reasons we proudly acclaim that the content broadcasted by our web­radio and the content displayed on our website is suitable for everyone, no matter of ethnicity, gender, age, geographic location etc. Our programming has been compiled with you the listeners as our biggest critic.

Hence the great line up of DJ’s on the station playing a perfect selection of tunes played daily to keep your minds stimulated and always leaving you in a great frame of mind because music is love.

One good thing about music when it hits you….You feel no pain. All DJ’s, engineer and admin staff here at WJGR our very proud of what they do.

Spread the world

You can help us promote our great music by spreading the word to friends and colleagues. Since the discovery of reggae music it has healed many broken hearts, empowered the oppressed and recognized the diligence of reggae artists. This is the reason why we take pride in doing whatever it takes to bring you nothing but the best genres of music straight to your computers and mobile internet radio.

We enjoy your feedback as it helps us understand what our members like and dislike. We encourage you to send your comments, suggestions or complaints to info@worldjamglobal.com